Kyle + Krystal | Gender Reveal

Let me tell y'all...when two creative people get together, magic happens!

With no time to plan a party, family across the country, and eager to find out what they're having, Krystal wanted to do a gender reveal photoshoot. But not your average photoshoot. She wanted to tell a story with pictures for her family and friends to follow along, with the last picture revealing if it's a boy or girl.

She also wanted it to be a fantasy-like, which of course is not my normal editing style...but I never back down from a challenge. Honestly, it was fun getting out of my comfort zone and getting extra creative with it. 

Ready her "story" and follow along! 


"Once upon a time in a universe filled with questions, a woman questioned. What could it be she wondered? As God aligned the stars as she knew he would, she was guided by the light of his presence. With her offspring in hand, she set on a journey to find the answer. Though confusion was present, she was not afraid. She followed his lead. To her surprise, He led them to him, the love of their lives, for the answer was determined by him.
There they were -- the other quarters of her being, her existence; her love and answers of their new baby to be -- the four pieces that made her whole." -- Krystal

It's a girl!!!!

Now, here's a few additional photos I took. Their smiles truly say it all -- and I'm so honored to have captured all of it. 


Added surprise! I also did a short video for this special moment! Unfortunately, the ending got pretty dark -- none of us were expecting to shoot in the dark, as Kyle got off of work much later than expected. Enjoy!